I am a draftsman and designer with experience in landscape and architecture over some 30 years. A sample of drawings can be viewed in the gallery below.

In terms of design, though given little occasion to build other than my own projects, my 1st prerequisite will always be to find harmony between (a client’s) needs and desires and the genius loci. Intelligent design then maximizing the symbiosis of energy efficiency, ecological integrity, and functional beauty within and around the building (environment and local habitat.) This principle applies equally to public, commercial and residential structures and any given design aesthetic.

Idealistically, Eco-logic buildings seek to:

  • be beautiful and inspirational
  • improve health and diversity of local ecosystem
  • promote health and well-being of all inhabitants
  • comprise integrated systems that maximize efficiency and comfort
  • adapt specifically to site and climate and evolve as conditions change
  • operate pollution free and generate no waste that can not be used for another process in the building or immediate environment
  • harvest all their own water and energy needs on site


Working Drawings

Solar Design

Open Solar Design Slideshow (PDF)
Created as part of Green Building Design course

Collaborative competition entry

Home Design & Terrain Modelling