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Welcome. I am currently creating a new focus site at Earthrise Web Design dedicated to supporting coaches, healers and conscious entrepreneurs in creating the web presence they need to attract the clients they want to help. This current site will be deprecated, but meanwhile please feel free to peruse the portfolio below! Thank you


I develop personalized web presence for individuals and organizations by

  • creating beautiful and effective representations of what you do, to target the intended audience or market
  • discerning and interpreting desires, objectives and design aesthetics
  • creating store fronts, showcases and other platforms to represent your needs, interests and aspirations
  • providing effective copywriting, copy-editing and Search Engine Optimisation services
  • making sense of it all – offering tutorials and/or creating sites that are easy to access and update
  • working closely to budget



Affordable Starter Package

Give me a call or contact from the bottom of the page!

UK +44 0747 0414 777
US +1 831 261 2096

Web Gallery

acupuncture monterey

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singer songwriter

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cain magazine

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susan williams interior design

pacific coast and nature inspired interior design - currently undergoing new site development for spring 2015

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sebastian fisher metal arts

simple, bilingual portfolio - colour scheme to match existing stationary

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exclusive bodywork

jsgec elevator consultants

integral bodywork


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water wise garden design

xeriscape consultancy and design services on the California peninsula.

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stage kids!

Simple but elegant site for non profit Big Sur kids theater program in the redwoods! (Since handed over and design changed)

living toolbox

this site was required to represent several diverse approaches to personal development on one unified site and uses an accordion slider to represent the fields


a blog to showcase journalistic and activist endeavours in support of women and children in the Congo. Colours were chosen to represent the rich earth tones of the region

into the dialectic…

My own blog focusing on written work - template more constantly revised (than this site)

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web design

for my 1st site I wanted to create a minimalist, spacial quality that conveyed the expansive awareness prerequisite in a design sensibility that honours the environment and each other (yep, you and me) as non mutually exclusive

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Rosalia Moon Byrne has an affinity for the feline and the Moon and she is just an overall fire ball, so this site lent itself to her character perfectly. The site is no longer live or maintained, but can be visited here.

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a local garden gallery wanting a simple online store to maintain something of the character of the physical place

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founded by myself and Herr Professor Rettenwender

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